Top 5 Themes You Can Adopt For Your Professional Website


A professional website adds many benefits to any business. This is one reason why website development must be handled by professional and skilled developers. A website’s theme and general appearance have a huge impact on its authority, perception, and influence with visitors. Here are our best 5 picks non-professional website themes:

  1. Intense: Intense is a fully-functional HTML web theme that is built with bootstrap 4 -the flexible HTML and CSS framework. Intense comes with preinstalled plugins and scripts. These make it possible for the template to be customized as needed and installed from any compatible device. Intense has a general dark theme, with colors that developers can tweak per specific request.
  2. Dreamsoft: Dreamsoft is a programmer theme for binding websites for IT companies. More so, the theme is packed with a lot of features, including varieties of UI elements, CSS3 animations & transitions, Google Maps, a well-structured code, Blog & Gallery, different forms (service support, and contact) etc. Dreamsoft is SEO-ready and designed to run on any device. The code is W3C compliant and light. Developers can easily adopt this theme for various web development projects; high-quality images (free to use) are available and do not reduce the loading time in any way.
  3. Modicate: Built with bootstrap 4, this studio website template is great for web design and creating awesome web resources. Modicate is unique in its flexibility; websites in practically every niche can be built from it. This simple theme comes with great colors that enhance UX, and it has other features such as W3C compatible codes, Google fonts, CSS3 animations, and smooth transitions, over 50 SEO-ready pages, etc. Modicate can be tweaked to incorporate captcha and other security features.
  4. Synergy: Synergy is a theme specially designed for consultancy brands. Equipped with well-built SEO-ready pages, Synergy has a vast array of UI elements and blocks and different support forms. The theme has an overall professional look which is sure to draw clients. The website development is standard, with a blog, Google maps, and fonts, Newsletter signup form, and even a search engine.
  5. Fabricator: Fabricator is a theme designed for e-commerce stores and companies into fabricated works. Fabricator has a responsive design, with the layout optimized for high-quality images and text. There are other features, such as blog, customer support forms, and cart. The website can be adopted and tailored to specific needs.


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