Types of Robotic Software You Should Consider for Your Universal Robot


There are different types of software in the robotics industry. Robots have consistent characters that are supported by their software. They all have mechanical construction that helps them complete tasks in their working environments.

They also need electrical components to power and control the machinery, and it also has some level of computer programming. Universal robots need a set of code that tells them what to do; otherwise, they would just be simple machinery. Robot software is what gives the robot the ability to know when and how to perform tasks.

How To Find The Right Software

There are different robotic software on the market, and sorting through them can be quite hectic. Finding an automated software suitable for your universal robot requires you to make sure that you are more specific about what you are looking for.

To help you narrow down your choices on finding the right software, here are types of robotic software you should consider:

Robot Simulators

Simulators come in different forms. Some include 3D simulations featuring realistic environments and complex physics engines, while others have a 2D simulation of unique robotic aspects.

With robot simulators, you should purpose to test them out yourself because a simple promotional video will not accurately tell you how to use a simulator. Make sure you go for a simulator that allows you to program your universal robot and remains powerful enough to handle different cases.

Offline Programming

Offline programming software gives you a way to program industrial robots without having to be connected to the robot physically. With this software, you can program the robot even when it is in production.

This software is perfect for reducing downtime, enhancing the programming quality, and helping you change between the product lines quickly. However, in the robotics market, offline programming is often attached to individual robot brands. But there are some that can be used with any robot brand.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence for robots has been used for many years, probably for as long as the robots have been around. But there is a rise in a number of software solutions for AI in particular robotic application areas.

AI is a robotic software that tends to focus on specific aspects of the applications like filtering operational data in factory environments. Analyzing images collected in agricultural settings or cording mobile robots in logistics.

Real-Time Path Planning

This software is used in various areas of robotics. Path planers are basically used to speed up the programming phase for universal robotics. This software is more complicated than basic path planning since it involves constant updating the robotic program to address the environmental changes.

The software makes the robot reactive. However, this also makes the robot more unsafe. With real-time path planning, software companies focus more on a single type of robots, such as mobile robotics, humanoid robotics, or robotic arms.

Mobile Robot Planning

Mobile robots use different types of software. While path planners are used to helping program the robot’s route to take them through the environment, obstacle avoidance algorithms react to any changes.


This robotic software gives you a framework for managing and running complex automated systems from just a single unified interface. It acts more like the software glue that allows robot builders to avoid any reinvention of the wheel when a new robotic system is being designed.

You may not be able to use middleware to control one robot on the production line. But, when building your own robotic system to coordinate many robots or with multiple components, you should consider middleware to make life easier.

In Conclusion

Aside from the software on the list, there are more types of the robot software. We recommend that you be very specific about the kind of software you are looking for, especially if you want a particular robot application. The best way to determine the right robotic software is to put it to test yourself.

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