Key Factors that would Create Value with Industry 4.0


Industries of various sectors would be able to harvest huge rewards with industry 4.0 technology. When it comes to industrial companies, industry 4.0 industrial robots would be the integration of sensors, big data analytics, and others. Thus, this produces a huge opportunity for coming up with new products and a service portfolio that would put the business at the front of the market. 

Though merely investing in technology would not always promise value return. With investments, industrial firms require to implement industry 4.0 as a path towards success journey. Thus, here are the key factors that would help you in turning this journey into a successful drive to become a champion of industry 4.0 based on your business. 

Align Industry 4.0 with your Company Capabilities: 

Industry 4.0 is something that would help in creating long-term competitive advantage. A company should know what capabilities differentiate them from the other major companies and the competition. 

Though more than half of the industries do not have a clear idea regarding what their capabilities are. But aligning with the capabilities does not always mean that it would cause digital maturity though if it does it would be of great leverage in terms of services and products. 

Clear Value Framework: 

A company must have a clear frame value to be able to contrast a viable business based around industry 4.0 with an industrial robot. You should have a strong understanding of what your business stands for, understanding the value drivers and also setting a measurable objective around it. This would, in the long run, help you fully assess all the risks and potential benefits and would help you in reprioritize what is vital.   

Building Leading Change Coalition: 

One of the biggest barriers when it comes to technology adoption would be the resistance to change within the business. The company must build a leading coalition for change within the organization to support the transformation journey. With industry 4.0, the coalition would be dynamic and would include different people along with different priorities as it would be moving along.  

Keeping that in mind, it should validate the target operating model for the next phase of existence. You should have the ability to execute and having the right approach towards industry 4.0 would be a great transformation that would surely pay off. 

It would be aligning the different techniques with the different capabilities and supporting initiatives with the appropriate skill sets and operational model.

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