Essential Starter Kit for Your First Virtual Event


There can be no denying that virtual event hosting in Singaporehas become popular nowadays. You may be one of those keen on attending such unique digital gatherings that you may already be thinking of organising one anytime soon! But it may only be challenging for newbies like you if you’re clueless about online party planning in the first place.

Fortunately, you have your immediate kin with you that may know something about virtual eventplanning. Share your plans with them since they might have inputs that can ensure the success of your upcoming digital party. You may even be surprised with their knowledge in mounting such web-based gatherings today.

Never forget your peers that may have worked with a virtual event companyin Singaporebefore. Ask them about their experiences and see if partnering with experienced planners can be your best option to take. Besides, why stress yourself out if you have the experts doing everything for you from start to finish.

But you can always go online and look for web resources to help you plan for your upcoming virtual eventif you still choose to do it by yourself. These include blog pages and review sites that may share some DIY tips on how you can organise for one effortlessly. Nonetheless, seek the assistance of professional coordinators in the industry if you want a worry-free digital gathering.

Although, it would be great if you have more than enough grounds on why you should host a virtual event in Singapore in the first place. Best if they are reasonable as well to justify your decision to go online for your nearing celebration. Still clueless on what they are? Continue reading through this article before you even start planning for it any day now.


“More” Reasons to Host a Virtual Gathering Soon

As mentioned, you must start your virtual event planning in Singaporeby identifying your reasons why you should organise one now. You may already have some on hand, but are they logical enough for you to proceed with your plans in an instant? Here are some reasonable ones that may convince you more into hosting your first digital gathering soon:


More Convenient

Begin with the most common reason of most virtual event planners why they choose such options for their upcoming celebrations: it’s more convenient. Save yourself from the trouble of visiting numerous locations around your area to find the perfect venue to accommodate your gathering. You may even host your first online show straight from your place!

It also guarantees comfort among your guests since they no longer need to step out of their homes to attend your gathering. They only need a reliable internet connection and their working electronic devices to be part of your virtual event in Singapore. You may even be surprised to see some attendees from distant places enjoying your digital party conveniently.

More Flexible

Virtual event planners also choose these web-based platforms to incorporate various highlights in their online gatherings. These include impressive animations, unique transitions, and experiential activities that some of your guests may only experience for the first time. You even have the freedom to customise your viewing screens based on your design preferences.

Experienced organisers also use state-of-the-art technologies to make their online gatherings one-of-a-kind. They usually use modern applications to allow your guests to interact with one another, even if they’re only doing it virtually. Better look for a professional virtual eventcompany in Singaporewith such offers if you also want to leave your attendees in awe.

More Affordable

Digital gatherings are also more affordable than your regular live events. You no longer need to worry about your expenses on costly technical suppliers and equipment contractors if you can readily put up your virtual eventusing several online programmes. You can even use a single software application if you have all the skills to do it efficiently.

Never forget about the chance to reuse your online presentations for other similar digital events in the future. It doesn’t only save you from spending more, but it also spares you from going over the entire planning process again. Moreover, you may not need to hire another virtual event organiser in Singaporeif you already have these ready-to-use materials from your initial one.

More Participants

It may not surprise you anymore but expect to gather more participants if you choose to host your gathering through a virtual event. You don’t have to worry about missing guests due to several unavoidable circumstances. These include harsh weather conditions or unexpected vehicle breakdowns since they don’t need to be out of their comforts to attend your party.

As mentioned, it can also be your opportunity to reach your distant guests effortlessly. You only need to find an experienced virtual event company in Singaporethat can ensure your uninterrupted streaming even if you’re miles away from them. You may never know; they can connect you to your target audience from far-flung areas.

More Secured

Most importantly, it’s a more secured events platform you can explore amid the ongoing pandemic. Protect yourself and your guests from any health risks through your virtual eventhosting. Besides, the abovementioned reasons are more than enough for you to go online in your upcoming gathering.

Now that you already have these logical grounds on hand, are you ready to organise your first virtual event in Singapore? You can readily proceed with it if you know the different things you must prepare for your nearing digital party. But you can also do a review on these must-haves before sending out your invites anytime soon.


Must-Haves for Your Upcoming Digital Event

But why bother yourself by doing another research if you can learn more about these virtual eventessentials in Singaporehere? Prepare your pen and paper now to create your must-have checklist that includes the following items to ensure the success of your upcoming digital gathering. You may never know; all you might need is a list to get your online party going!


Detailed Timeline

Always start with the most critical element in almost all types of events nowadays: your project timeline. It must include all deliverables for your virtual eventthat you need to complete within your plan. Best if you can provide enough information on your every schedule, to not miss anything essential for your online party.

It should include details regarding your expected start and completion dates, as well as the items you need to produce for your online gathering. Never forget about the time you must send your guest invites for them to confirm their attendance. You can seek help from an experienced virtual event organiser in Singapore if you’re having difficulties drafting your timeline.

Extra Planning Tip! Try creating your timeline at least two months before your scheduled virtual event. It doesn’t only assure you that you’ll finish your deliverables on time, but it also gives you some extra days to work on your last-minute requirements if ever such changes arise. Besides, it’s always better to be safe now than sorry in the future.

Engaging Programme

The next item you must prepare for your nearing virtual eventin Singaporeis your digital programme flow. You may argue that it might be unnecessary since you control almost everything about your online gathering. Moreover, you might insist that you can facilitate your party through several clicks on your device.

But that’s not always the case, specifically if it’ll be your first virtual eventsoon. Your programme flow will serve as your guide as soon as your online guests log in until you end your gathering with your farewell message. It also saves you from going under or over your schedule and prevents any negative feedback from your audience.

Extra Planning Tip! Keep in mind that digital celebrations are a bit challenging if you want to involve the entire online audience in your programme. That’s why you must incorporate appealing activities in your gathering that will let them interact with each other virtually. Never hesitate to ask for some activity recommendations from a virtual event company in Singapore.

Reliable Equipment

Never forget about your needed technical equipment to stream your virtual eventamong your target audience. Start with your internet access that should be reliable enough for you to broadcast your gathering seamlessly. Best if you identify your streaming requirements to get the appropriate web connection you need.

It is also essential to identify your virtual eventstreaming software in Singapore. You can either use free live stream applications available today or purchase your own for your flawless connectivity. It would also be great to partner with renowned providers in the industry to prevent any technical difficulties or glitches from happening within your programme.

Extra Planning Tip! Search for virtual eventpackages that can provide all your streaming needs in one go. These usually include your internet connection, live stream software, camera setup, and electronic devices. Some may even provide you with other equipment that can guarantee you a worry-free online gathering soon.

Working Budget

It must not surprise you anymore, but you should always be ready with your budget if you want to do it alone or with a professional virtual event organiser in Singapore. Best if you create a breakdown of your expected expenses right from the get-go. It will not only serve as your guide, but it will also assure you of not going over your initial allocation.

It will also help if you collect different costs from various suppliers before deciding the final deliverables you must get for your virtual event. Compare their offers with each other to only make the most out of your working budget. You may never know; you might find affordable packages that can save you more funds.

Extra Planning Tip! But you can always ask for a detailed cost estimate breakdown from your virtual event company partner for your quick reference. It usually includes details on their provided equipment, programme assistance, on-site technicians, and their charges for all these services. Check if they offer cost-saving packages to get more savings from their team.

Dependable Partner

More than anything else, you can always choose to partner with a virtual event company in Singaporeif you no longer want to worry about your upcoming online party. You only need to ensure that they’re someone you can depend on with all your needs. But how can you confirm that they’re indeed a reliable service provider right from the beginning?

One way to validate their reliability is by checking their service portfolio. It usually includes details about their previous virtual eventhosting that you can use as a basis to decide whether you should trust them or not. You can also request some images of their recently concluded digital gathering for your quick review.

Extra Planning Tip! Client testimonials can also help you choose the perfect partner for your upcoming virtual eventin Singapore. You can find these comments on various web pages you can readily access today. You may even read some published on their actual websites for your easy reference.


Final Reminders for Your First Online Party

No doubt that you’re 100% ready to host your first virtual eventin Singapore. You may only need to finalise the abovementioned checklist to guarantee your flawless digital gathering stream soon. You can also make your final preparation more worthwhile if you consider the following reminders below:


  • Always work within your virtual eventtimeline and stick with it as much as possible. It doesn’t only save you precious time, but it also restricts you from spending more than your initial fund allocation. You may never know; you might get more savings if you happen to finish your deliverables ahead of your schedule.
  • Identify your target audience to determine the specific details your virtual eventpartnercompany in Singapore must consider in your upcoming online gathering. You can also ask for their assistance to select the appropriate activities you should add to your digital programme.
  • Lastly, only choose a virtual eventpartner that is reputable enough to guarantee the success of your online gathering like Evention Singapore. They can also help you with all your must-haves above, so no need to worry about doing it by yourself soon.

Contact them now to learn more about how their experienced organisers can help you today!

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