Signs That Will Help You Check It Out If You’re Really Into Playing Video Games All Day Long


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Video game is absolutely amazing. But are you someone who is playing too much of video games? Do you want to check it out if you’re really into playing video games all day long? As it is a bad thing or perhaps a good thing to continue with, depending on the way it goes on to break out.

There are several cases from across the planet of gamers who are continually playing too many video games for little too long and failing to survive to reach the deadline credits. The addiction of a video game isthe real thing, and like several good stuffs in a world, it eventually boils down to moderation and pacing. Excess of anything, right from sleep to water, may take an individual down in specific cases.

But even though with all the tragic effects, the video game isn’t all bad. Firstly, they are extremely fun. Secondly, they may improve the entirety from critical skills of thinking to the hand-eye coordination and of course in the right manner. Heck, they may even help your brain get stronger at times.  Let’s now dig into the ugly facts or the aftermaths of going too deep in the video gaming.

  1. You MayDie Of TheThrombosis

A condition often known as deep vein thrombosis may result due torepeatedly sitting motionless for too long.

  1. Heart May Fail, And One Can Die

Numerous news are out there on the web that says people are often found deceased at the internet cafe after a nonstop, 3-daygaming binge. Keeping awake for several days eventually puts intense strain on the body, and when you are already in poor health state, it may prove so much difficult for the heart.

  1. You Might Mess Up The Lower Back

A study from 1999 looked at the pain of lower back in school kids, & how it correlates to numerous things like playing the video games and watching television.

  1. You May Damage The Eyes

This should not at all surprise people to know that staring continually at screens (whether computers, TVs, Tablets, or phones) for continuous hours does no good for one’s eyes.

  1. It Might Alter One’s Brain

If you are playingtoo many video games, it canbegin to mess eventually with the mind.

So you got to be aware of the timings you spend with video games. As it is said prevention is better than cure. Stay cautious.

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