3 Steps To Convince Your Boss To Invest In Content Marketing


Content Marketing has become an important asset for many marketers. However, it is far from being used by all companies. More involved in their purchasing decisions, in search of understanding and meaning, those who were called consumers have become “consumers”, and the content of brands is at the centre of this transformation.

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Through your video or written content, your social networks or your e-mailings, you can attract your prospects, convert them into leads, then gain the loyalty of your audience. Investing in Content Marketing is no longer an option, but a necessity. Contact https://comradeweb.com/ today and discuss your project, we can help you grow faster. Here Are 3 Steps To Convince Your Boss.

Get the right arguments for the majority of consumers; researching the Internet is a reflex before making the purchase. And to exist in the very competitive galaxy of the web, quality online content is a sure lever. Well-targeted, with the right keywords, your content will be more easily shared and will act as a powerful accelerator for your SEO Service Ahmedabad, and therefore your traffic.

Highlight The Competitors

A strong argument for your boss: your competitors have already embarked on Content Marketing, so you can’t help but be there. The Content Marketing Institute study shows that 88% of B2B respondents have developed a Content Marketing strategy. Present the articles of blogs of your competitors, the white papers that you have been able to download on their sites, the videos they have published and their number of views, and the referencing that these contents bring to them.

Build An Editorial Line In Concrete

First, define your objectives: do you want to support your credibility, increase your online presence, survey your audience, build loyalty, etc. Depending on the objectives sought, but also on your targets, you will then define the tone of your communications, the types of content and the frequency of publication. Depending on the content already existing among your competitors, define your themes and keywords, which will allow you to differentiate yourself and assert your editorial line. You can then build a complete editorial schedule.

Demonstrate Results Through A Test

Before asking your boss for a firm commitment, offer him a try which will be the opportunity to finish convincing him. Choose a specific objective and define a clear perimeter, as much in terms of media, content format, as timeframe. Give yourself 6 months to increase your leads by 10 to 15%, via social networks, for example.

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