Why Opt for an Allen Bradley PLC Controls & Automation Training?


We all want to live a perfect life. Everything we do is for our good, and the benefit of our families. Most of us wouldn’t go to work unless they had to. After a while, every job becomes a routine and the excitement is no longer present. We keep going, though, because we do it for the money.

Not all jobs are paid equally. Some are better paid, while others – not so much. The PLC engineer is a very well paid profession. If you manage to become an expert in it, the numbers can go really high.

In this article, we’re going to share a couple of reasons why you should be taking the online training courses and learn all about this profession. Follow up if you want to know more about this topic!

Artificial Intelligence taking over

Some predictions by experts claim that artificial intelligence will completely take over the industry by the year 2050. That might seem too far away, but the process is already started.

Lots of industries are already installing AI-driven components that do some of the jobs previously done by people. For example, the entire customer support is almost completely handed over to AI computers. Take a look at this article here if you want to know more on the subject.

By the year 2030, it’s expected up to 800 million people around the globe to lose their jobs. The reason for this – no need for their assistance, because AI is doing the work much better. We’re taking various industries here, from mining, which is extremely dangerous, to writing newspaper articles.

In other words, with the loss of people doing these jobs, there will be an increase in people who will create the programs and maintain these robots. The same experts we mentioned, also predict that despite the fact so many people will become jobless, around 1.2 billion jobs will be opened at the same time.

In many industries, AI-driven machines are directly connected to the PLC programming already present in factories. Even though machines work with the help of artificial intelligence, the main programs and tasks are provided through the programmable logic controllers.

The language of PLC, especially the one from Allen Bradley, which is the most popular one, is still in charge of the machine work. These things are deeply connected and you can expect that you’ll have a job at all times if you manage to learn PLC programming.

Covid-19 producing Job layoffs

The industry plummeted because of Covid-19. In the second quarter of the year, the planet experienced a massive drop, and millions of people lost their jobs without a warning.

In the US, by the end of the pandemic, it’s expected for the unemployment rate to reach 32%. Almost 50 million people will lose their jobs, which is almost a fifth of the entire population of the country.

This tells you why you should start retraining now. With the AI and the Covid-19 crisis, you can be sure that the chances to be laid off is huge.

Retraining will provide you a better salary

It’s a well-known fact that those who have more training and have more skills will have a much higher chance in the job market. With this, you’ll be more eligible for those job positions who are better paid.

For example, employers who are going to need a PLC engineer right away will be happy to give you an amazing salary if you can start immediately. That means you don’t need to search for a job but wait for the right opportunity because you’re already employed in another sector.

In other words, it’s always great to be secured and be skilled in more fields. If you’re working in programming, technology, robotics, automation, or some of these fields, the PLC programming will come as a major plus in finding the best job.

Being skilled in more professions will attract the right employers. Instead of them paying two salaries for two people, they can give you a higher amount to you and be sure that you’ll do a great job because you’re skilled in both.

Learning through online courses is better than traditional learning

As we mentioned, times have changed in 2020 and everything is different than before. We live the new normal now. Social distancing is one of the most important things that everyone must mind. Stores, schools, even hospitals work under special strict protocols or are completely shut down.

Not too many schools where PLC training can be found work regularly. If you look at it better, there’s no need for this too. The online courses are better than traditional learning.

Online PLC training can be found all over the internet. More instructors are transferring their knowledge to everyone keen to learn. All you need to do is find out who’s the best option for you.

You should use search engines and find more courses. Check everyone separately and see who’s the best skilled, what instructor is highly professional and experienced, and where you can get the proper education. For example, if you open https://onlineplcsupport.com you can find a lot of details about this one. See if they fit your needs.

Once you do locate the best one for you, don’t hesitate to download it and start learning. By the end of the course, you’ll be an expert PLC programmer and this will help you get more jobs that are better paid. You’ll secure your future and create a better life for your family in these difficult times.


One thing is for sure – there’s no progress if you don’t look for it. If you want to become better and earn more or get a better job than the one you had before, you must do something about it.

Luckily for everyone today, there’s a course and training for everything online. You don’t even have to get out of the comfort of your home. Download the course you’re interested in, and spend time learning.


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