Top 5 Best Torrent Sites in Europe (2020)


Torrenting has become increasingly popular these days. People no longer use legal sites to share files and contents. They rather prefer to use illegal torrent sites because they offer services for free! However, since torrenting is illegal, the government of almost all countries has banned the torrent sites. Some of them have stopped functioning while others change their domains frequently to continue operating. We have provided below with a list of the 5 best torrent sites if Europe as of 2020. Let’s read below:

The Pirate Bay 

Needless to say, the leading torrent site has to the Pirate Bay. It provided users with millions of torrent files coming from several categories of digital media. Contents found in this site range from games, movies, tv shows, adult contents, ebooks, music, and whatnot. It has got the largest collection of torrent files in high quality. Not only does it provide good audio quality but also fast download links. All through these years, the site has been banned several times but continues to operate successfully by changing its domain names frequently.


Zooqle has a huge collection of over 35000 movies and 500 tv shows, serials, award functions, etc. Also, it has an impressive user-friendly interface that allows users to navigate through the site easily. Recently the site has been updated. Its categories have been revised and now it brings before its users the latest collections in several formats. The torrent contents available on this site are diversified and rich. It covers every genre like documentaries, thrillers, adult contents, and whatnot. One gets several downloading links for every content. If a link doesn’t work or downloads a file slowly, you can click on to the next downloading link.

Lime torrents 

This site again brings to people a huge variety of torrent files, comprising movies in Hindi, English, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati and every other language, web series, music, videos and even ebooks and games. Similar to all other torrent sites, people don’t have to pay anything for accessing its contents. The site has an extremely simple UI, making it easier for people to browse through this site. This site has become increasingly popular because if its updated contents. Also, it offers good audio and video quality and fast downloading links. While browsing through this site, users don’t have to face irritating pop-up ads on the screen, which is another advantage.


Another go-to a torrent site for entertainment is the Torrent downloads. With the increasing demand of the need for entertainment, the site’s collection is also increasing. The site is completely user-oriented, trying to bring in the best torrent contents and files to provide the best quality entertainment to people. The site brings together the contents of every category. Users can download them in their favourite format and language. Another thing is that this site allows you to watch your favourite contents online if you are unwilling to download them.


With an easily navigable, user-friendly interface, Torrentz2 is another top listed torrent sites as of 2020. It uploads pirated content in the best quality, allowing people to download their favourite contents for free. The site is regulated by a team of unidentified and anonymous users. Be careful to use a VPN network before accessing this site. No torrent site is safe. It can completely hack your device, stealing your data and information. Torrentz2 is specifically a music site, but provides other varieties of content too.

We have covered the best 5 torrent sites of Europe as of 2020. They all provide content free of cost, at high audio and video quality. But be careful to protect your identity and your personal information while you indulge in torrenting.

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