Tips to Make Using a Laser Cutter Easier


There is no question that using a laser cutter is an effective way to cut all materials. While this is true, there are some challenges to overcome, especially for those who are new to using this equipment. Along with visiting for some tips and tricks, there is also some information found here. With this information, it is possible to prevent potential problems.

Masking the Surface

If someone has plans to engrave something, they should be aware that the engraving smoke may stain the edges of the surface being engraved. To avoid this staining, it is possible to cover the surface using masking tape. This will provide the needed level of protection.

The masking tape will not reduce the laser’s power too much, and the user can increase the power slightly if they feel doing so is necessary. The masking tape can also provide sufficient protection for the material around the engraving area, ensuring the smoke does not cause any staining. After the engraving is complete, peel the masking tape off the surface. This is a good option for those who are engraving leather.

Preset Considerations

Most lasers will come with some suggested settings to engrave and cut different materials and thicknesses. Try loading these settings into the laser and computer and then save them as a preset. Make sure to name the preset something that will make sense down the road. This makes them easier to find and use for upcoming projects.

Test Cuts

Even if there is a preset for cutting materials, running a test cut in it is a good idea. This is important to do before running the entire job. There is nothing worse than taking the material out of a laser and discovering that it did not cut completely through. Instead, make a small square or circle and then cut out the corner on a bit of scrap material. This will help you figure out if the power needs to be increased or reduced before making the final cut.

Wood Grains and Engraving Considerations

If someone has designed an image or logo they want to burn on wood, that’s great. After all, wood is one of the best materials for engraving. However, it is necessary to know the difference between engraving on solid wood and composite materials, such as MDF or plywood. Unlike a type of manufactured material, not all-natural wood pieces are uniform. The grains present in the wood will represent the different types of growth present in the wood, and each one will burn differently. In most cases, the darker the grains are, the harder the wood will be. The lighter parts will be softer.

The Best Tips for Using a Laser Cutter

When it comes to using a laser cutter, there are more than a few things to consider. Keep the tips here in mind to minimize the possibility of issues and ensure the desired cuts are achieved. These tips can apply to almost any cut or engraved material, so be sure to keep them in mind.


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