The Best Ways to Click Faster


According to, jitter click is a technique, which allows you to quickly press a mouse button. The most optimal option, but not available for every person, is a speed of 10 clicks per second.

The jitter-click zone is really small. Its width is no more than 8 millimeters. So, how do you click on the jitter zone in order to achieve good speed? It is necessary to press the mouse button lightly so that the mouse button goes down just a little. It is worth getting used to such a click, and then you can learn to click quickly.

And the main thing is that you don’t have to panic. Do not strain too hard when executing a jitter click. Indeed, if you overstrain, instead of light clicks, you will get too deep clicks, which causes a decrease in the speed of pressing and, as a result, a loss of clicks per second. Also, Do not hold the mouse with fingernails, as this also leads to a decrease in the clicking speed.

And the last thing is to train carefully and for a long time. This should be done as often as possible. Because if the user does not jitter-clicks for at least one week, then he will play much worse. And to check if you are doing good, just use

Additional Click Methods

Below are other clicks options to help you fight night monsters and fight other users in Minecraft or simply do other things in online games faster.

  • This is the analog of jitter click, but with one difference. Along with high-speed clicking, the user still needs to move in different directions.
  • This is a jitter-click on two keys: attack and defense keys.

By the way, the user who can perfectly master all three high-speed pressing techniques will be able to defeat any opponent, even if he is wearing diamond armor.

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