Proper Investment and the Right Earning


Investing for beginners is no longer difficult these days. Investing in good, cheap, widely diversified index funds is accessible to everyone. And did you know that this has yielded returns averaging about 6-7% per year over the past few decades?

  • Today, brokers allow you to invest globally in more than 3,000 stocks without transaction costs by investing in a single index fund.
  • With clear pictures we will explain step by step how you can buy an index fund, stock or bond. That is very easy.

Also in this post we will explain what an index fund is, how stocks and bonds work and what a broker is. We also discuss the risks of investing. This may make starting investing easier for you. we will also indicate where you can find additional information on certain subjects on this site if you want to learn how to invest. You can Click here for more info now.

Investing for beginners

A very popular way of investing that we will discuss in particular in this post is investing in stocks or bonds.

Many people who have no experience with it yet find it quite a step to start investing in this way. But nowadays investing in shares or bonds has actually become very accessible and simple. Learning to invest is not that difficult anymore and much easier than it was about 10-20 years ago.

Investing meaning

First of all, we will explain what a stock and a bond are.

Investing in stocks

A share in a company is a security that confers a number of rights in relation to the company. You have become a bit co-owner of the company. You may, for example, participate in decisions about the ins and outs of the company through the shareholders’ meeting. And you are also entitled to a portion of the company’s profits, often in the form of dividends. A share does not pay interest.

Investing in bonds

A bond is proof that, for example, a government or a company has a debt to the owner of the bond. This debt arose because the bondholder gave a loan to the government or the company. If a government or a company needs money for an investment, for example, it can get financing by issuing a bond loan.

A bond usually has a specific term. At the end of the term, the bond issuer pays back the debt to whoever owns the bond.

During the term, the owner of the bond receives interest on the debt. If a bond has a maturity of several years, the bond owner usually receives an annual interest payment. 

Buying shares – how do you do that?

Shares and bonds are examples of so-called securities. Many stocks and bonds can be bought or sold on a stock exchange. To do this, the stock or bond must be listed on that stock exchange. Well-known stock exchanges include the Amsterdam stock exchange and the New York stock exchange.

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