How you can start Web Design Service in 2020-21?


So you want to become a web designer  that’s awesome web design is such an  amazing craft skill and profession but  there seems to be no definitive guide  around the web so in this video I’m  going to try to bring together all the  knowledge that I have and some of the  resources in which you can go learn and  build your web design skill hey  everybody what’s up and welcome to  another segment of designer mind in this  week’s video I want to kind of take you  step by step if you’re at zero if you  want to become a web designer we want to  learn all the skills necessary to be  able to create amazing websites and even  work with your client and do this  professionally we’re going to talk about  this in this video now this video is not  about the business aspect of becoming a  web designer finding your first clients  and stuff like that I discussed those  topics on in articles & web design.

Here I’m  going to discuss how to build the skills  and the craft of actually being able to  design websites before you can go out  and sell them to clients so let’s get  started talking about that so I think  the word or phrase web design is  comprised of two actually things web and  design so I want to get started and  talking about design if you want to be a  web designer you need to have the basic  understanding concept and skills of a  designer in general so you might want to  start learning about what design is how  do you get how or what are the best  practices of design and I want to show a  few resources which I think can get you  up and running with that so one book  which I really like is called universal  principles of design and this is a book  with a bunch of really short and small  one-page chapters each of them is  talking about a different concept it’s  kind of like do and don’t and what works  in design in general.

But it will really  get you into the habit of understanding  how to think as a designer so this is a  really practical book which you  can just go through and start  understanding how to think like a  designer what works what doesn’t  what questions you should be asking  yourself we really put you in the  framework of what is design now the  second thing which is very old  you’ll need to work when no matter what  design you’re going to be working on  you’ll need to build some type of  graphic skills because type is  everywhere that’s the main way that we  communicate to other people and  basically web design is just another  communication tool we’re trying to get a  message across and we do that a lot  using type and typography so you want to  make sure that you understand how you  work with type what’s the different  between fonts how to choose the right  sizes how to build a good grid – good  books that I found useful when I just  start got it started with design our  thinking with type and the other one is  a very classic grid systems by Joseph  Muller brook Mont.

 You’ll get all the  links in the description for these books  so those two books I think they’re  really relevant to have kind of as  reference always you can you know and  it’s good to have a physical copy of  them as well because you always want to  refer back to them get inspiration get  some ideas help you kind of think  through solutions of how to structure  type and layouts in your doesn’t matter  if you’re doing a poster or a web design  at the end of the day you’re still you  have some information you need to  think about how I put this information  in front of other people those books  will help you to think about how to  build those kind of skills so those are  basically I would say the books that  will help you build up your design skill  in general obviously there’s also kind  of the visual communication aspect of it  which is what does the visual that  you’re putting in front of people  whether it is a photograph whether it is  illustration what does it communicate  what message does it convey so there’s a  lot of aspects into you know the visual  aspect of visual communication I did not  touch upon this I actually don’t know if  there’s a really good resource covering  that aspect I could not think about but  I think that if you get into design  using you know the principles of  design and understanding type and layout  you have you already have a lot  assets and skill to take that into the  world of the web so let’s move into the  world of the web so one of the first  things that you need to understand and  I’m showing here an article it’s  actually from 2011 but I just didn’t see  anybody who wrote in a good article  about the process of web design and  obviously I’m trying to do that in the  videos here and I did few segments on  the process of web design so but this  article that I’m showing you here this  is an actual article from 2011 that I  use when I basically got started  covering you know a typical process of  planning and doing the design so it’s  kind of high-level but I still think  that if you read it today in development  and launching and post lunging I still  think that you can get something out of  it even if the tools of the trade have  changed through the years a little bit  the process as a process is  something that is very much the same and  I think that before you move on into a  project okay you can still do some  websites for yourself as you know  personal experiment you might say but  when you want to turn your web design  into a professional into a profession  that then necessarily means that you  have to work with other people and you  need a process for how to think about a  project and I think this article will  help you understand the each phase  planning doing the design developing the  website and what you need to do after  you develop it and launch it and make  sure that everything worked correctly.

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