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Game consoles are extremely popular and have actually come a long way since the Sega Mega Drive was introduced. Today’s seventh-generation game consoles not only come with amazing controllers and graphics, but they also offer a variety of entertaining games to play. There are currently three best game consoles: Microsoft’s Xbox 360, Microsoft’s Wii.

Which of the three is the best option?

Well, for whatever reason, people find it very difficult to compare these three best game consoles because they are all good in their own way. To find out which is the best, you need to take a closer look at these three options.

Let’s start with the Wii

This game console was launched in 2006 and has sold more than eighty-five million units worldwide in four years. The main reason for its popularity is its unique motion controller, which allows gamers to play using gestures rather than pressing buttons.

While the graphics capabilities of the Wii are considered the weakest of the three, this drawback is offset by the fact that this game console has a very innovative control system. The Wii is ideal for casual gamers looking to try simple, fun, and addicting games suitable for the whole family.

The next game console to be explored is Microsoft’s Xbox 360

This game console ranks second out of the three in terms of sales. The Xbox 360 supports HD video quality, and its graphics system and processor are also quite powerful. If you are a big fan of the Halo series, then you will love playing this game with this video game console. Xbox 360 can be considered the best video game console for online gaming enthusiasts. Kindest is an Xbox 360 add-on that allows users to play games using voice commands and gestures, sometimes without using any controllers.

The third game console in this regard will be Sony’s Playstation 3, and this game console is a great option for those looking for a gaming experience with an extremely powerful processor and graphics. This seventh-generation console is unique in that it has a Blu-ray player, which makes it technologically superior.

The price of a game console varies by brand, so the cost of these three consoles will definitely be different. To decide which game console to buy, you need to review the details of the options above and then decide for yourself what you want to invest in. You don’t have to buy the most popular console, but the one that best suits your needs, preferences, and budget.


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