Facebook Ads: What Are The Advantages Of Advertising On Facebook?


Facebook is one of the most accessed social networks. Also, it is an excellent digital marketing tool. This online medium has many different possibilities, and some are more suitable for your specific interest. Platforms like Facebook Ads are known to be accessible. So, let’s start with the basics so that you can understand exactly what Facebook advertising is, and why it is the best option for you.

Why advertise on Facebook? What are the advantages?

Understanding the advantages of digital marketing may require context, so let’s imagine a small, simple business that anyone could have, like a food truck, that:

  • The system can target ads only to users most likely to like this type of food by their patterns of interests, likes, and comments.
  • It is possible to create a specific campaign, lasting only one week, aimed at users who may like Mexican food, only in that region.
  • Separate your audience by income range, because Facebook knows the consumption patterns and perceived interests of users. They can inform the income range during the registration.
  • To create another more generic campaign, focused only on low-cost advertising for those who willing to try different things or any other segmentation that comes to mind.

Imagine any business, of any size, and do the same exercise that we just did. It works the same way. But, let’s talk a little more about the different possible ads.

What are the types of Facebook ads?

  • Facebook allows ad formats in Photo, Carousel, Multimedia Presentation, Collection, and Messenger.
  • Facebook recommends the size of the image 1200 × 628 pixels.
  • The title must contain 25 characters, text with 90 characters, and the description 30 characters.
  • Photo ads allow up to 6 photos to be used to display your ad. You can add a text above the photo, giving a brief presentation of your product/service.
  • Carousel ads allow images and videos to be made available in the form of a carousel. This ad is interesting for ads for various products and services, as it is possible to show multiple images in a single ad.
  • Multimedia presentation is a format that allows a video ad to be looped using up to 10 images as if it were a PowerPoint presentation.
  • For Messenger ads, you can direct to your company’s website or open a direct conversation with your company so that you can chat directly with the person at the moment they show interest.

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