Evergreen Wealth Formula – Honest Review 2020


Are you tired of the 9 to 5-day job and want to do something that offers you more freedom? Are you wondering what can you do so that you can be your own boss? If you are dreaming big and want to have some passive income by contributing a few hours a day, then what you are looking for is the business of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing uses the concept of online marketing by promoting products online. On the sale of these products, the affiliate marketer gets a high percentage of commission. Now the ways and means of devising strategies for promoting the products depend greatly on the kind of product that is to be promoted and also the nature of the target audience.

Most of the time, the affiliate marketers use social media platforms to post ads and drive paid traffic to what they call the presales page. These pages are usually created by affiliate marketers to promote the products.

One such training program for an affiliate marketer or people who are aiming to venture into affiliate marketing is the Evergreen Wealth Formula. Here I shall provide a brief review of the program what it has to offer.

This Evergreen Wealth Formula review will take you through the details of the program. To start with, this program has been created by James Scholes andteaches you how to make a full-time income with affiliated marketing in an automated fashion. He provides a step by step analysis of the entire process from how to choose the products that you want to promote to finally making big sales.

The Evergreen Wealth Formula provides templates for content to create impressive websites and landing pages which is the most crucial part of the business. If your landing page is not attractive, then that will not result in making sales even after traffic being drive there.

This program comprises the following modules-

  • Module 1- Set Up- here you will learn to create funnels like your webpages which are populated with affiliate offers for the chosen products.
  • Module-2 Site setup- here you will learn to create a content-rich website that will attract visitors.
  • Module-3 Automate- Here you will be taught to drive the paid traffic and rinse and repeat the method to scale up traffic
  • Module-4 Advanced automation- this module will teach you to scale up your strategies for better results
  • Module 5– Fast traffic methods-this module teaches you to generate fast and easy traffic to your website. This is also very crucial as more the traffic more are the chances of making sales.

The major avenue of earning for the affiliate marketer is from the high commissions generated from the sales of the products. However, there are other bonuses and offers that also form a part of the wealth earning avenue for the affiliates. Most importantly you do not require any specific skill set to enroll in this program as everything affiliate, shall be taught here.

The entire program costs $197 which has to be paid upfront at the time of enrolling for the program.

Get access here for more details about the Program.

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