How to Buy A Laptop


How to buy a laptop? These 5 tips are useful.
Determine budget and purpose
Before knowing the parameters of laptop, we must first determine the budget and purpose. We should choose different configurations according to different purposes. When you consider playing games, you need to choose mainstream gaming laptops. The performance of the display card should meet the needs of the game. If you are working and need to travel, then light and thin laptop is the best choice.

CPU (Central Processing Unit)

Everyone should know the importance of CPU, which is equivalent to the human brain. It determines the computing speed of laptops. The better the CPU, the faster the laptops will be. You can not replace CPU of the laptop, so it is best to consider it when purchasing.

At present, laptop CPU is produced by two manufacturers. They are Intel and AMD. Intel’s Core series is the most widely used. AMD owns the Ryzen Ruilong series.

Core series can determine its performance by prefix, positioning and suffix. For i7-9750H. I7 is its prefix. In the Core series, there are I3, I5, I7 and I9, which are defined at the low-end, the middle and low end, the middle and high end and the high end . The performance is different. 9750 is its algebra and level, of which the first digit is more important and is the main algebra. The larger the algebra, the newer the product and the stronger the performance, such as i7-9850H > i7-9750H > i7-8750H > i7-8565U.

The name of Ruilong series is similar to Core. Take R5-3550H as an example. R5 is the prefix. Currently, there are mainly R5 and R7. 3550 is algebra, indicating that it belongs to Ruilong 3000 series. It was listed in early 2019. The 4000 series of 2020 has stronger performance. The suffix is H, and H > U. R7-4800H>R5-4600H>R5-3550H>R5-3500U.

Display card

For gamers, Display cards are important. If you like to play Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and stand-alone games, then the requirements for laptops include good heat dissipation in addition to performance. Mainstream level above discrete display card is suitable. If you only play games such as LOL and CF, the requirements for display cards are not very high. Middle and low end discrete display card is enough. For customers who do not play games, or the requirements for display cards are not high, then nuclear display or entry-level display cards are enough. Thin and light laptops is a good choice.


Large screen is good for game playing. Choosing 15.6 inches is a good choice. Light and thin laptop with 13.3-14 inches is suitable. Laptops with 15.6-inch screens, such as magicbook 15, are also light and thin. In addition, IPS panel is a good choice. Designers and other people with high color requirements should pay attention to the color gamut parameters of the screen. If it is an electronic competition player, screens with high refresh rates, such as 120Hz and 144Hz, can bring smoother picture experience.


The more interfaces the notebook computer has, the better. In order to make the laptop look better and lighter, the interfaces are fewer and fewer. Many thin and light laptops even keep only one Type-C interface. Laptops are lighter, but only one interface brings some inconvenience. There are many kinds of docking stations on the market. They can make up for the shortage of laptop interfaces.


Purchasing laptops on the official website is correct. When purchasing, you can refer to the parameter description. If you purchase laptops on the e-commerce platform, you can look at the product evaluation and choose the one that suits you.


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