Biggest Trends in Lighting Technologies


Lighting is a very important aspect of life. We need light to see what we do at all times, be it at work, home, when out driving, or shopping. We can never rely fully on the natural light that is freely given to all hence artificial lights come in handy to provide light when not in open spaces.

Technology has been evolving and lighting has not been left behind. In recent years, lighting technologies have rapidly developed toefficiently providing power.

5 biggest trends in lighting technologies

Lighting technologies are trending in various ways. This article will highlight the five biggest trends in lighting technologies.


Speaking of connectivity, lighting technologies help people can control when their lighting goes on and off without them switching them on and off. This is possible through the use of sensors and dimmers.

Whenever someone gets into a room installed with these controls the lights operate accordingly. For instance, when someone gets into a washroom installed with sensors, the light immediately goes on until they check out of the washroom is when they go off.

This connectivity comes in handy and has been trending for many organizations that want to comply with the COVID-19 regulations. The coronavirus pandemic wave came in encouraging people to always keep their hands clean, so employees of organizations do not have to keep touching electricity switches to put on or off the lights.

This is done for them through the controls installed, by sensing when someone checks in and out of a room. Such controls also have the capability of dimming themselves when not too much light is needed for example in a conference room where presentations are made and full light in the room might blur the readings of the presentation.

The Internet of Things

The Internet is such a major factor in this day and age and is needed in most of the day-to-day activities of human beings. It is not only through smartphones and computers and tablets that human beings can access the internet but it can also be engraved in other electronic gadgets that use lighting technologies.

This electronic gadget includes heart monitors for patients suffering from heart conditions, refrigerators, electric food flasks, coffee mugs, and Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights.

New power technologies

Lighting technologies have brought in new power technologies that come with great benefits that companies and individuals could find worth investing in them. These new power technologies enable electricity to emanate power through data cables.

This is such an incredible innovation as data cables are majorly known to just be used for internet purposes. Electricity supply has been made available via data cables has become the better option for people who want to get rid of drivers as they linked to making a lighting system fail.

All wireless

The evolution of technology has amazed many as many things are now made possible on a wireless basis. The days of homes or offices owning landline phones are gone and now mobile phones are the in things. No need for wires while making calls.

These calls are not only made through a country’s mobile phone subscription companies where people have to own sim cards affiliated to a certain firm. People can now interact via their smartphones, laptops, or tablets with internet connectivity via skype, google meet, zoom, WhatsApp calls, and various messenger ups. This wireless communication is all possible through lighting technologies.

Healthier lighting

Some people get affected by light and a solution to giving better light to people has been made possible through lighting technologies. As mentioned before light is a necessary aspect of life and it is required for most of a human being’s day-to-day activities.

LED light has increasingly been used and has become popular among many. This is done through them been manufactured to bring out the light that mimics that of day or natural light. LED lights use lighting technologies to adjust their color and level of brightness that emanates from them.


This article discussed the five biggest trends in lighting technologies. The five trends are connectivity, the Internet of things, new power technologies, lighting technologies being wireless and it brings about healthier lighting.

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