Why Your Site Might Need Technical SEO Services


When many people think of SEO services, they might automatically think of things like keywords, content, and maybe even link-building. Those who aren’t very familiar with SEO services might not realize how crucial technical SEO is to the success of their website. There are some aspects of SEO that you could successfully pick up on your own if you’re committed to learning, but technical SEO is often best left to the professionals. 

Here are a few good reasons your site could need technical SEO services

You’re Losing Your Mobile Audience

It’s probably not hard for you to think about how often you search for something online using your phone or tablet. More than half of all searches today are done on mobile devices. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly yet, a large portion of your audience could be impacted by this. These people who could benefit from information on your website or your services and products could have a bad experience and leave because of it, and they might not want to try again later because of it. Not only does this cause a bad user experience, but it’s also a ranking factor on it’s own. This means that your rankings can go down automatically just because you aren’t mobile-friendly.

People Aren’t Willing to Wait

Having all the information you could want ready to go at your fingertips whenever you want it is incredible. However, we’re all used to getting what we want online almost instantly because of this ability, and there are still many websites that can’t provide this to users. Even if you have valuable information on your website, many users aren’t going to wait more than a few seconds for your website to load. If this is the case for you, you could be losing a lot of people who won’t even bother to give you a chance. You could have put a lot of effort into the content on your website, just for it to not matter. Many technical issues could be causing a delay in your website’s load time that technical SEO services could fix. 

Users Won’t Take Security Risks 

Today, people are increasingly aware of security threats online. Website security falls under technical SEO and has a huge impact on your success. If your website isn’t secure, you probably don’t mean any harm by it. However, just because you have no malicious intent, doesn’t mean that users aren’t at risk when they’re on their website. Users pay attention to whether or not a website is secure, and they won’t feel comfortable putting in their personal information and might just leave right away instead. With technical SEO services, you can get the help you need to ensure your website is secure. 

You Can’t Get Very Far With Technical Issues

Technical SEO is critical for these reasons and many more. Regardless of what technical issues your website has, they’re holding you back. Even if you do everything else perfectly, it will only get you so far if you have these problems or any other technical issues. You can think of technical SEO as a foundation for your website. If there’s damage here, even if you can’t see it, it will hurt all the other work you’ve tried to do for your website. 


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