How to Create a Video in TikTok?


The main button in the center of the screen, made in TikTok’s corporate colors, will allow you to create videos in the application. You can add a ready-made video to TikTok by selecting the appropriate one from the device’s memory. Besides, tik tok downloader allows uploading content without watermarks.

How to create and add a video to TikTok:

  •  Click on the rectangle in the center of the screen.
  •  Select the length of the video (15 or 60 seconds).
  •  Click on the red circle and start recording the video.
  •  Effects can be added immediately or after recording a video.
  •  Make a description of the video, add hashtags.
  •  Decide on the privacy settings (who can see, comment, and like the video).
  •  Publish video or save drafts.

By the way, you can create a funny video from photos by going to the “Themes” tab. Just choose the design you like, upload 2-4 or more photos, and voila: the video is ready! The application provides the broadest possibilities for working with content.

Tiktokers, recording and processing short videos can:

  • Add effects (hearts, ears, lips, stars; there are both funny and cute, as well as scary scary effects, you can edit it frame by frame).
  • Add music to the video (find the desired clip or select the appropriate single from the playlists in the application).
  • Add text to video (using different colors and fonts).
  • Add stickers and emojis, voice effects, turn the volume down or up, cut or slow down the video.

TikTok Video Effects

In general, the application allows you to give free rein to your imagination and create unique videos. But as we have already found out, TikTok is also useful for solving business problems, for which you need not only create an account but also successfully promote it. To automate the work with the application, we recommend using a special program.

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