Why Do You Need Email Search Tools?


Email search tools, also known as email hunter or email lookup tools, are very important in the modern business environment. Years ago, the only option available was to try to guess the email address someone was using. Nowadays, there are many different ways in which you can find the correct address someone uses. Of course, you can do this by hand but this is often something that does not work.

The problem is most people do not know much about email search tools. Some do not know they exist while many of those who do have various misconceptions about them. Let’s get rid of these and show you how email search tools help you to grow your business.

How Does An Email Search Tool Help Your Business?

Email lookup tools can help you grow your business in many different ways. The main ones that have to be highlighted are:

  1. Sales – You can find very good leads, easily follow up, and even convert better since email search tools also usually include conversation management features.
  2. Lead Generation – These tools make it easier than ever to reach out to your potential clients.
  3. Business Development – You can find people that are integral to the success of the business. This ranges from influencers and investors to team members or your first clients.
  4. Outreach –You can easily streamline your marketing campaign by finding influencers, website owners, influencers, journalists, and bloggers.
  5. Recruitment – Find the best candidates for your open positions. Everyone has an email address these days and you can find the best talent to take your business further.

How Do Email Hunter Tools Work?

Email search tools basically use different algorithms in order to locate email addresses. The principle behind the process for the user is very simple to understand. To make it simple, we will use the Snovio Email Finder as an example.

With Snovio Email Finder, you can take advantage of the use of different lookup methods, including:

  • Finding emails via domain

All email addresses associated with a domain name can be found in minutes. With the bulk domain option, you can even explore the email addresses of as many as 20,000 domains, all at the same time.

  • Finding emails via names

If you only know the name of a lead, Snovio can locate the email address. If it was ever publicized, it can be found.

  • Finding emails via company

You can quickly find email addresses from companies just in a specific industry. Alternatively, you can choose company location and size, or narrow your search even further by looking based on company name.

  • Finding emails via Boolean Search

This helps look for many lead sources. You can browse by skills, position, and location and take full advantage of Boolean Search queries.

How Do You Actually Find Email Addresses?

With Snovio, you need to register for an account and then use an Email Finder web app. This web app gives you access to all email search features. Use it to:

  • Upload the list of domains you want to investigate. The Bulk Domain Search tool then identifies the email addresses associated with those domains.
  • Filter the companies you analyze by size, industry, name, and several other features.
  • Upload the list of first name, domains, last names, or URLs you know about who you look for. If there are many people you want to look for, a bulk feature exists.
  • Upload the list of social network profile URLs you have to allow Snovio to look for their emails.
  • Use the Linker tool to collect bulk emails from several platforms are once. You search prospects based on location, skills, and job title.

If the web app is not something you can use and you just need to quickly find some email addresses, a Chrome extension is available.

Do You Need An Email Search Tool?

Whenever you need to find the email addresses of some people, email search tools can be very effective. While there are numerous situations in which they can be useful, let’s just think about the most common ones:

  • Cold Emailing – When you want to set up a cold email campaign, you need as many relevant email addresses as possible. With email search tools, you can quickly create a list of prospects.
  • Finding Partners – Do you prepare a marketing campaign and you need a list of bloggers and journalists that you can send a press release to? Email search tools make it easy to find the best options. The same principle applies when you need partners for an event or a campaign.
  • Contacting A Specific Industry Leader – People that have a high reputation in an industry do not make their emails public. With email search tools, you can find them and get in touch.

We should also add that you may be tempted to think that such a tool is not useful when you just need to look for an email address from time to time. You could do this manually. However, this will take a lot of time and with an email hunter tool, you can find an email address in seconds.

Do You Need A Paid Email Lookup Tool?

All major email lookup tools, including the above-mentioned Snovio Email Finder, offer a free version and a paid version. The free version usually has a limitation, like 50 email searches per month. Because of this, we can say that the free email lookup tool is a good option for those that do not need to look for many email addresses per month. Whenever you need to search for over 50, it is a good idea to invest in a paid tool.


On the whole, an email search tool can be very useful for practically any industry and any business interested in faster growth. It can be utilized to find addresses for your campaigns, look for great talent, and set up very complex and effective cold email campaigns. Simply put, whenever you need to locate an email address, such a tool can be very useful.

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