Video Games for the Right Chairs


Video game enthusiasts and enthusiasts can spend hours and hours playing in front of the screen without getting up. They sometimes play seated on a chair, a stool or on a sofa. Under such conditions, the health of the player can deteriorate in the long term. Gaming chairs are an alternative to enjoy playing while preserving your health. Nevertheless, for the choice of his chair, several criteria are to be considered such as the morphology of the player, the functions and the padding of the chair among others. Not all models are suitable for everyone. It is the law of “To each his own gaming chair”.

A Choice Based On Morphology

To choose your gaming chair, you will need to make a choice according to your body type. It is this first criterion that will determine the amount of your budget. The needs vary depending on the body of each individual and therefore, wide chairs will be more expensive than smaller chairs. In addition to its size, its comfort and strength can be a determining factor in the price of the chair. The gaming chair of an individual weighing 75 kg for 1.75 m will be cheaper than that of a 90 kg individual who is 190 cm. All designers distribute their products according to these criteria. On some gaming chair models, the size intervals they can support are mentioned. Poor quality models only offer intervals of 100 to 120 kg. For a more fleshy person, they are not the ideal. Aside from the weight capacity that a chair can support, its dimensions are also important. A wheelchair that can support 150 kg is not necessarily adapted in its measures to the player. It is recommended that you read the dimension sheets of gaming chairs carefully, as you will not be able to try them on before purchasing them.

A Choice That Takes Into Account the Features Offered

A good gaming chair should have certain minimum settings. For the majority of settings, these are features intended to improve the comfort and experience of the player. The high standings models offer little additional features that all work towards one goal: customer satisfaction.

Functions to Adjust the Height and Armrests of the Gaming Chair

This is the most basic setting in best gaming chairs being able to adjust the height of your chair when you need to is very important for good posture of your body. It is recommended that you choose a chair with a Class 4 lift piston. In addition, the maximum capacity that a gaming chair can withstand is deduced from the piston resistance. Having armrests on your chair is essential to release the tension in your shoulders by resting your elbows on them. The armrests can be adjusted to 4 different positions namely height, side, front to back and rotation. However, not all chair models offer these adjustment options. The cheapest chairs are made either with height adjustable armrests or with fixed armrests. During your purchase take a chair with at least height adjustable armrests.

Adjustments of the Inclination of the Seat and Of the Backrest of the Gaming Chair

As you play, to improve your comfort, you may feel the need to recline the seat of your chair a few degrees. A chair offering this advantage should be preferred over a model that does not. In addition, the degree of tilt angle does not have to be too high, ten degrees will do. Moreover, if the back of the chair can also be tilted by a maximum of 150 ° then it is a chair to consider. You will thus find, without any difficulty, the intermediate adjustment between 90 ° and 180 ° that suits you.

The Tilting Mechanism and the Different Types of Cushions

This mechanism is the link between the seat and the backrest. To be more precise, the backrest tilt mechanism can be a permanent contact tilt or a centered tilt. In the first case, only the back of the chair is movable while in the second case, the angle between the seat and the back remains constant. A chair with these two types of tilt will have a longer lifespan.

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