Social media Solutions In the Right Format


The social media “Share” buttons have been created. Most often, buttons for the most popular social networks are added to the site:

  • Twitter;
  • “In contact with”;
  • “Classmates”;
  • Facebook and others.

When choosing buttons, you need to focus on the potential target audience and the sites from which you want to receive traffic. For example, many people has a solid and solvent audience, VK and Facebook are diverse, and LinkedIn is chosen by active professionals. You can add buttons in a few minutes using plugins and tools designed for a particular engine.

Website Promotion Using Social Networks

Sites that have representations in social media and seo networks should be supplemented with graphic blocks urging users to subscribe or at least visit the group. Widgets significantly increase the number of followers who will receive fresh information about the activities and updates of the company, online store. With the help of widgets, a casual visitor can be converted into a client – it is efficient and inexpensive.

Beautiful Publications

You can use the Open Graph and Twitter Card protocols to create beautiful and structured posts. In this case, after the repost, the record will look neat and attractive, taking the form of a graphic object.

Features of Promotion in Social Networks: Content

By performing SEO optimization, you can quickly promote your site in search engines. The social media pages will be linked to the site by links. However, the requirements of the target visitors must be taken into account. The latter are not interested in secondary or dry commercial materials, they may be put off by direct advertising or overly aggressive calls to action. To promote a site using social networks, you need to use cool content, designed in the same style and theme.

The form of presentation, style of writing, nature of design determines the business for which the content is created. It is necessary to evenly distribute the weight of the information load:

  • Publications related to commercial and information topics can take up to 40%;
  • Entertainment content up to 60%.

The format and ratio of posts is selected after performing the following actions:

  • Analysis of competitors’ publics;
  • Collecting information through surveys;
  • Attracting mystery shoppers if necessary;
  • Work with the target audience.

On the basis of this data, information, hot topics and priority ways of the group’s development are collected. The formation of a competitive USP is in progress. If the audience is young people, then it is necessary to focus on modern topics that will help communicate with subscribers in a language they understand. Women pay a lot of attention to quality, men look at the price and read reviews, people of retirement age love useful advice and willingly take part in promotions.

When analyzing competitors’ pages, it is recommended to pay attention to posts that have received the most likes and comments. Such activity means that users are keenly interested in this or that issue. Choosing the right topics and format is the foundation of business development on social media.

Advertising in Groups Visited By the Target Audience

The cost of a post determines the popularity of the group, the number of followers, the topic and the region. Advertising publications provide an influx of users both to the main site and to the group. The main problem with social media promotion is that you first have to test different promotion methods. Many turn out to be ineffective, others work just fine, but testing requires both time and money. The best solution would be to order a promotion from a private marketer or an agency. Professional services are not cheap, but they can help you avoid mistakes and problems.

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