Look for the Best Options in the Youtube Subscriptions


The regularity of the posts remains one of the main factors of the success of a Youtube channel. You should not give internet users the opportunity to forget you or to get impatient with your long absence. The expression “Far from the eyes, far from the heart” is also valid on Youtube. Posting regularly is THE absolute pre-requisite to see its number of subscribers increase regularly.

Yes, but why is it important to increase the number of subscribers?

Because it flatters your ego is not the right answers now for 2 essential reasons. The first is that we are entering a virtuous circle: the more subscribers you have, the more people you will be notified when you publish your video. Now the real reason is that this is the only way to build a loyal community. Note that your Internet users who have not yet subscribed to your channel spend half the time on your videos than subscribers. You understand why it is essential to develop your community and encourage them to subscribe to your channel. In parallel, you can also opt for paid promotion of your content with Adwords in order to support the development of your channel but as Youtubers who launch, we advise against it and it is likely that Cyprien never spent a euro to acquire his community. We still had to tell you about it.

You will learn to understand your media and measure your success thanks to the data collected in Youtube Analytics (and Adwords: statistics of your ads if you are doing paid campaigns). Now that you can buy subscribers on youtube your ways are far more easier in every respect.

Remember: Internet users who have not yet subscribed to your channel spend on average 2 times less time on your videos than those who do.

Some useful tips:

Identify trends

On buzzing topics, it is much easier to get traffic on Youtube searches than on Google searches so take advantage! For this to work, you must of course use these terms in the titles and descriptions of your video. Also take inspiration from current events, trends (for example at the moment: gluten free or vegan food are highly sought after in the food sector) and what works for your competitors (yes, we know, it is not necessarily consistent with the “stay yourself”, but you must also look at what the competition is doing, it is still important.

Quality, quality, quality

Priority is always given to the quality of the content of the videos. We often think for that technical quality. But this is not the most important. Post a video only if you really have something to say and something that will interest your community. This will give you more leverage when asking people to sign up by liking your video or subscribing to your channel.


Collaboration with other YouTube creators can be a great way to develop your audience because your target is already on Youtube and the collaboration is beneficial to both parties. Again ask yourself, “What do I want to share while making this video?” “Imagine that you are a “humor” Youtuber, it may be relevant for you to do a skit in collaboration with another “humor” Youtuber to propose something new as a duet and share it with your respective communities. In beauty, what works well is the “Swap” you present products that another youtubeuse has offered you and vice versa. So your 2 communities are progressing. Conversely, do not refuse the collaborations that you are offered. It’s always rewarding.

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