Bring Customer Experience To The Number One Priority In Our Digitized World


Nowadays in the local market in Hong Kong when it comes to customer loyalty, price and product are not always the deciding factors. In many occasions it is the experience your customers receive that matters. For some businesses, sustainability has to evolve far beyond going green. Sustainability is moving right into the core of many businesses locally in Hong Kong. It is by engaging with their most valuable customers, the companies have started to gradually understand the thinking behind their loyal and long-term customers. This gives a good idea to the HK companies what their customers are ready to buy and pay for.

In many industries it used to not having to take care of user experience and/or user experience, such as search engine optimization, digital marketing, email marketing, and more. But today any SEO company in Hong Kong should integrate the best possible user experience when optimizing websites for higher Google organic search ranking.

Customer experience is going to continue as the number one priority, due to its increasingly higher demand and the positive results that it has brought in the past several years. It can be a big differentiator for a local retailer, and this is even truer for an online shop. Companies involving mainly in ecommerce can invest a bit more than the past years in technology can help a retailer understand the consumer. This will enable them to listen to what their customers say and turn the received insights into actions that may make a difference in sales revenue. For example, one small improvement for an online shop is to offer their customers with the next-day delivery service.

Another aspect is personalization which is many customers want to have. Since today, most of the personalization has been delivered digitally. One solution is to enable certain levels of face-to-face customer service which should not be underestimated. A knowledgeable service is important for forming the solid customer relationships and a satisfied customer base.

Hong Kong local retailers and their counterparts (i.e. online stores) must think of ways to produce the content that their customers want to consume. The useful content strategy should be fully integrated with the online customer journey. Having a journey pre-built or pre-designed does not only benefit the customers, but also the retailers or ecommerce sites. There are many touch-points in a full customer journey. Each touch-point is a data point for data collection. Once sufficient data is collected from sufficient number of customers (or users), a more in-depth analysis can be performed to spot the insights and trends. This is just the beginning of using customer behavior data for driving more sales revenue for the online stores. Content is king but customer service is our main priority, as we say at

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