Best Methods to Increase Your Instagram Followers


Trying to promote your small business on Instagram? Or are you an upcoming Instagram influencer? The popularity of your account is determined by the number of followers you have, and a few tactics and strategies can help you gain more. Below are some of the best methods to increase Instagram followers. 

Create a plan

Unfortunately, many newbies and users believe that they can choose to post great pictures on Instagram and will get likes and followers automatically. While good visual content does have a big role in getting more followers, it can take months or even years to reach a point. What you need is a plan. Your Instagram account needs a narrative, and contents must be planned at least two weeks in advance. Your content must be attractive and engaging, you should use interesting quotes, and use trendy emojis like the peace sign emoji, which signifies a cool and calm demeanor.

Focus on collaboration, reposting 

Collaborating with accounts similar to yours – either paid or through mutual liking – is a great way to boost followers. You can choose to partner with accounts and ask them to post contents related your account and vice versa. Another good idea is to use the Repost app. Reposting relevant content can massively increase views and help in getting genuine followers. 

Use Instagram analytics

All you need is an Instagram business account, which can be opened for free, and you can get access to analytics, which can help in planning your content. Figure out at what time your target audience is active, and you can create a schedule around that. Analytics also come in handy for getting other relevant details. 

Focus on Instagram Bio, hashtags

Hashtags are not merely necessary but also relevant for niche-related content. You may have a unique hashtag for your account or business, but it is also important to use other hashtags that are popular in the same category. Also, try and optimize on your Instagram Bio. Add a shortened website URL, if you have one, or offer information that followers might be interested in – like an email address.

Get followers additionally

There are a bunch of services that can help you get instant and automatic followers, for prices as low as $2. You get High Quality Followers & Likes, either at one go, or in small amounts on a regular basis. You can click here for more details. There is no better way to get that instant boost, and you can then rely on organic means to get more followers. 

Check online now to find more on Instagram tactics. 

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