Best Deals for Making Your Web Design Perfect Now



Internet is constantly evolving. Every day, the number of new websites put online continues to increase. Producing quality content is essential, but it is not enough. To really stand out, the design of a website must be well thought out. It should be pleasing to the eye, well-constructed, easy to use and consistent. All these elements strongly influence the user experience and help create a climate of trust around the brand. Discover in this article the best web design practices to adopt in 2020.

Web design advice

The organization of content in blocks

One of the first steps in designing a website is visual prioritization of information. In 2020, the trend is to organize content in the form of blocks independent of each other, like a Pinterest mosaic. This very modern way of presenting the different elements of a website has the advantage of making it easier to read and catching the eye of the Internet user. The proposed navigation is simple, fluid, and allows the user to quickly find the information he has come to seek. It is also recommended not to create too many blocks. This may complicate the user’s experience and make them want to leave the site quickly.

For mobile first

Today, responsive sites are no longer an option, but an obligation. The trend is to create a single design that adapts to all media. Internet users are more and more adept at mobile browsing. Creating a design first for a mobile screen which then adapts to a desktop screen is one of the best web design practices to be implemented in 2020.

Photo meets illustration

Images are a powerful tool for conveying a powerful message and conveying emotion. This is why it is important to choose quality photos, in high definition, reflecting your universe and consistent with your visual identity.

As for illustrations, used as icons or in the background, they give personality to the design of a website and allow graphic designers to give free rein to their creativity.

One of the strong trends of the year 2020 is the combination of photography and illustration. The design added by small touches on a photo, brings a playful, modern dimension and makes each visual message truly unique. With Web Design Vancouver you can find the best solutions now.

The material is favorable to interactivity

Imagined by the giant Google, design material is a language that combines visual elements and interactions. The goal is to offer an intuitive experience to the user and to get him to take action. Each element of the design accompanies the action of the Internet user to always provide more information and facilitate navigation. Visually, the material takes up the codes of flat design with the addition of perspectives, shadows and movements. This type of design, first thought for mobile applications, is now applied to desktop computers.

3D gives depth

Technological advances offer graphic designers and web designers the opportunity to push the limits of creativity. The 3D visuals are very realistic, aesthetic and offer a unique experience to Internet users. This technique, which can be used on both text and images, brings fantasy to the layout of websites.


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