Look for the best Choices in Shinning Out in Instagram


In this case the objective would be similar to the previous one, except that instead of clicking on the “Like”, what users should do is leave a comment on the selected photo. Another very common strategy to reach more people with this type of contest or giveaway is to ask as a requirement that 1, 2 or 3 friends be tagged in the comment.

Share Publications

Another of the most used ways to take advantage of this social network to publicize your brand through a raffle is to take a photo of the product that is going to be given away, accompanying it with the brand logo and make it a requirement for all Those who want to participate must share that publication on their own Instagram profile with a specific hashtag. In this way, you guarantee that when you re-program the image (manually by taking a screenshot or through applications such as Repost), the contacts of those people will also know your brand and in some cases they will even be encouraged to participate. From sharemyinsights.com you can have the best choices in understanding the requirement and coming up with the best results.

Photo Contest: 

This is one of the most creative methods and at the same time one of the ones that get the most participation from the followers. In this case, what is indicated is that, to win any of the brand’s products, the user must publish a photo on their Instagram account in which one of the products is seen , accompanied by a specific hashtag in the description of the herself. You can also choose between the brand’s own team choosing the winner of the contest or the followers of the same through their likes.

The power of instagramers

In the blog of Palbin.com we already talked about how you could take advantage of instagram with influencer marketing and, although this post has already been over a year old, the techniques that we told you in it have not only gone out of fashion but which have also been enhanced due to the large increase in Instagram users.

For this reason, we recommend that you look for the Instagrammers with the most followers and therefore the best known within your sector of activity and contact them to propose a collaboration . An example of one of the Instagrammers with the most followers would be the well-known blogger Lovely Pepa, who has more than 890,000 followers on her Instagram profile.

Useful tools for scheduling posts

Instagram is one of the social networks that promotes the sharing of photographs that are taken at the present time, so it has always made it more difficult than other social networks to schedule posts on it . However, more and more tools have managed to find a way to make this possible by achieving an almost automatic publication.

Useful tools to analyze

Once we know how to configure our Instagram account by optimizing the profile description, using some hashtgs to reach a wider audience interested in our product, how to create contests and giveaways in this social network and even how to schedule publications, we must learn to measure our evolution within it to be able to set a strategy of objectives. To facilitate this task we recommend 3 tools that you can use for free and that will allow you to analyze the evolution of your Instagram account.

Simply Measured: It is a tool that allows statistical analysis of various social networks, including Instagram, in a way that allows you to prepare reports on the corporate presence of your brand on different platforms. To be able to enjoy it, you must register by choosing a free or paid plan, depending on your needs.


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