3 Ways You Can Download HD Videos From FB


Content creators create and upload many informative, educational, and entertaining videos on the Facebook platform. Since Facebook does not allow users to download any Facebook video directly, you can use the Fastvid website or Android app. If you are looking for a free Facebook video downloader online, then Fastvid is the best alternative. If you are wondering how to download FB videos in HD quality onto your phone/computer, here are three separate paths that you can follow.

  1. Use the Android app without logging in: If you are using your Android smartphone to browse FB, then the Android mobile app is the most convenient way for you to download videos. All you need to do is copy-paste the video URL into the app and tap on Download. After that, you will be able to download the video in your desired quality.
  2. Use the Android app after logging in: After logging in to your Facebook account, there are two alternative ways for you to download Facebook page videos directly from the app. To download a video, you can externally share it with the Fastvid app. You can also browse Facebook from within the Fastvid app and download the videos directly.
  3. Use the Fastvid website: The other path you can use to download HD videos is by using the Fastvid Facebook video saver. To download videos, copy-paste the video URL and tap or click on the Download button.

These methods will allow you to download Facebook videos in your desired format and quality.

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