How To Master Search Engine Optimization Efforts Without Breaking a Sweat?


Search engine optimization – a centre topic for small to widely-spread businesses all around the globe recently. The world of SEO is large; it’s beyond our imagination as every day there is something new in digital marketing. Nevertheless, once you understand the basics, it can help you achieve big in the profession. Many of the best SEO company in India suggest getting some basic knowledge about SEO before stepping into a rabbit hole of the digital world.

If you are clueless about SEO or the whole digital marketing concept, we recommend you to read this guide to kick-start online marketing. As a social media marketing agency Mumbai, we have tried to make a guide as concise and informative as possible.

So, why wait for more!!! Let’s move ahead.

Firstly, let’s understand the importance of search engine optimization.

When we talk about today’s time, most people prefer purchasing things online instead of going in-store. “The customer is God” – This is what every businessman believe in. Since the flood of consumers gets diverted towards the online market instead of a local store, entrepreneurs have shifted their business online to hit the market.

Assume, you run an ecommerce store of silver jewellery. Accept the fact that there are endless jewellery websites on the web, not only yours. In between this competitive market, how will you drive a targeted audience to your website? And let’s think positive, they pass through your website, until they spend time on your website and get converted into a shopper from a random visitor, you can never fulfil the motive of sales. How will you reach up to the target? There comes search engine optimization into the game.

With the consideration of search engine guidelines, there will remain lots of things any SEO geek strategize to take your business on a top-level.

They are the concerned person to ensure your website stands constantly on the top pages of the search engine result page. Why? Why is it necessary even? – To understand this, think like a visitor. While searching for stuff like jewellery, clothes, purses, or almost anything on Google or any other search engine platform, we barely click on the next page of results.

Agree or not? Most of us are the same as it is a human tendency that we never put efforts to visit results from other search result pages.

What does it indicate?

Smart enough. It denotes, you need to work hard on your website rankings so that they stay stable on the ranking page and remain visible to the audiences.

We have talked about the importance of SEO.

Now, how to master SEO efforts like a pro? – This is what our next segment includes:

With the help of a few key concepts, anyone can maximize their search engine ranking result efforts.

Keep this table in mind whenever you want to achieve big in the world of SEO:

Keyword + Region While planning for a set of keywords to target your audience, never forget to include the region name if you are targeting local people. Ex – “Best Pizza Shop in Mumbai” instead of “Best Pizza Shop”.
Content is not king, it is a kingdom Wait…here you need to be extra smart as your website content can make or break all the efforts. Make sure to add fresh, original, engaging, SEO-friendly, and concise content that visitors can understand easily.
Tag optimization Tags are important aspects of the website as they are used to locate your website and rank it according to it. Focus on tag optimization as it is key to SEO.
Know your audience and search intent Put yourself in a place and ask yourself, how will you search on Google for the purchase of anything? The answer to this question can help you find the visitor’s search intent. Understand your target audience and plan accordingly.
HTML title tag After determining the top-most search engine terms for the usage, make sure to place them in your HTML title tag. Make sure to consider phrases in title, tags, and descriptions in the content you plan to post on social media sites.
Pour efforts into a blog post Start working on the blogs to increase your search results for long-tail keywords that focus on your business niche. Prepare blog posts on a defined set of keywords and drive more traffic to the website.

These are a few basic things every beginner should know before scheduling a meeting with the best SEO company in India for online marketing purpose.

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